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SoCo cloth pads are my own hand made pattern and design. I have custom created exactly how I would like them to fit and feel by testing the pattern myself over a monthly cycle. I suggest and recommend using a diva/menstrual cup (click there to see all the cups I recommend!) paired with cloth pads, makes the perfect combo!
Having your period just got FUN, and maybe for ONCE You are excited about it. When you build up a cute, pretty, trendy stash, you will feel so much more pampered during that time of the month, because you deserve it !
  • Size: Liner. Designed for light flow or back up protection. Incontinence or discharge
  • Dimensions: 6 inches long by 2.5 inches wide (when snapped closed)
  • Come in sets of 4 in random colors. Colors chosen by me in any random order. You are welcome to leave notes at checkout on colors you prefer

2 Layers
Top touching layer: colored cotton velour
Undercarriage layer: windpro fleece

All pads are serged and designed to feel soft and smooth to the touch


2 - You are buying a handmade product. While your products are made with love and care, they are liable to have discrepancies as well as possible sewing marks.