For a full refund, you must contact us at to request the details of your refund. Your full name, order number, date purchased and your request for refund with details must be included in your email.  Your items must be completely unopened, unused, and unloved. A full refund can only be issued within 2 weeks of purchase date. 

For an exchange, please contact us at to request the details of your exchange.  Exchanges can only be made during the first 2 weeks of purchase and for sizing issues only. 


Refunds will not be issued if you decide you do not like what you ordered and paid for. However, if you are truly unhappy with your order you may send an email to discuss your concerns. Once you receive your order and you are unhappy with your purchase, you are welcome to post your item for sale in our Buy/Sell/Trade group at the price of your discretion.  If your items were not made correctly (ie. wrong size, wrong fabric type) by mistake, please send an email to with your name, invoice number, items ordered and a list of the mistakes made. Your email will be addressed within 2-3 business days. If your items were made completely wrong, you may ship your items back to the studio with a tracking number and a full refund will be issued to you including the cost of your shipping them back. Store credit, exchanges/remakes and partial refunds are offered to the customer based on the concerns of the order at hand.